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Vanuatu: Health and Education

Vanuatu: Health and Education

Opportunities in Vanuatu

Port Vila has one public hospital and one private hospital. Other health centre locations include Luganville, Norsup and Lolowai.The University of the South Pacific (USP) has four campuses in Vanuatu: Santo, Tafea, Malampa, Torba, and the main Emalus Campus in Port Vila. 

Continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities

Continuing professional development in Vanuatu is necessary to fulfill the requirements for health care professionals' licence renewal.  This can happen through participating in classes and workshops, as well as through distance learning. A number of such courses exist on POLHN, and a number of these (particularly courses from Fiji National University) are approved to give credit toward Ni-Vanuatu licences.POLHN courses can be taken over the internet, offline using a CD, or at a POLHN Learning Centre. These are located in hospitals in Port Vila, Luganville, Norsup and Lolowai. For more information on POLHN in Vanuatu, contact Ms Marina Laklotal (email here).Scholarships to study abroad are also an ideal opportunity for students and professionals from Vanuatu seeking CPD opportunities. The Australia Awards are one of the leading scholarships of this kind. Funded by the Australian Government, they offer the opportunity to study at Australian universities at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. For more information, visit the Australia Awards website

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