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Joseph Rusaqoli

My name is Joseph Steven Elder Rusaqoli and I am a Dental Therapist with the Ministry Of Health in the Cook islands.I look after the Dental Department on the Island of Aitutaki in the cook islands with a population of over 2500 people which also includes one high school and three primary schools.I Do Dental treatments within the scope of practice of a Dental therapist – Doing Fillings for adults and children ,full mouth cleaning and polishing,extractions of badly carious teeth or periodontally affected permanent teeth and Baby teeth oral hygiene instruction ,dietary advice in relation to Dental caries and Gum disease,Community visit ,school visits doing check ups and screening and Dental treatments on site.I am very thankful to POLHN for sponsoring me to study my postgraduate certificate in Public Health online.The courses has really increased my knowledge on the different aspects of Health that is affecting our health status here in the pacific.One important thing i learnt is the need for a combined effort with all the stakeholders ,the government and the ministries to work together in order to achieve that goal of providing a better health for all.I have also managed to make a few changes at my Clinic here on Aitutaki which i believe has help improved in my service delivery and has also increased the availability of my services to the people here when they need it.Since i been here i have been able to engage with the people in the community and i have also formulated a few Pamphlets and brochures on Dental Awareness which have been released and is currently in use here today.This studies also encourage me to reach out to the private sector for donations on certain projects.I was able to get in contact with Colgate Zealand and the kindly donated some Dental packs and Colgate back packs to me to help me with my school visits and community outreach.

Thank you very much POLHN for your sponsorship to enable me to do further studies and help improve myself as a person and also as a Clinician as well.I look forward to your continued support.

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