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Devina Gaundan

Senior sister at Labasa Hospital

Labasa, Fiji

I am the POLHN focal point for North Fiji, based at Labasa Hospital. Most of my work happens at the Learning Centre there. I help interested students sign up on the website,

Kilton Pelobule

Dental Hygienist at Gizo Hospital

Gizo, Solomon Islands

Firstly, the best part about POLHN is its credibility: knowing that this is a program of the World Health Organization (WHO) makes me feel proud and honored.

Vinisha Achieved Certificate In Tuberculosis Course

Vinisha Singh

Registered Nurse at Tamavua Twomey Hospital

Suva, Fiji

POLHN is a flexible way of learning as it takes into consideration the working people. We can study when we have time, the IT support staffs are very accommodating, and the knowledge gained through POLHN short courses has enhanced my nursing skills as well as my critical thinking abilities.

Shivali Rao

Registered Nurse at Lautoka Hospital

Lautoka, Fiji

The reason I take POLHN courses is that POLHN has enabled me to apply the theory which I have learned in my clinical practice role. POLHN course contents are educational and very informative

Sonam Devi

Mental Health Nurse at Lautoka Hospital

Lautoka, Fiji

 For me, POLHN has been very detailed and informative, which helped me gain valuable knowledge and skills in all aspects of nursing.

Dr Alofa Funaki

Doctor at Nausori Health Center

Nausori, Fiji

 I am happy to say that POLHN’s self-paced courses gave me the knowledge I needed to perform tasks at my workplace more efficiently and effectively.


Team Leader at Colonial War Memorial Hospital

Suva, Fiji

I like the fact that it’s self-paced therefore it is easy to enrol in the available courses at any time of the day. Plus the courses available on the POLHN platform are relevant to my current practice.

Chinua Onyebuchi

Medical Doctor

Abuja, Nigeria

POLHN is the most reliable online site for health-related courses

Steven Mumba

Clinical Officer

Chililabombwe, Zambia

The best thing about studying on POLHN is the simplicity of the e-learning platform which is the most important feature for me. Studying here is both simple and cost-effective. As much as I’ve studied medicine, there are always new things that are there to learn.

Achieved Certificate From - POLHN

Vikash Chand

Registered Nurse - Lautoka Hospital

Lautoka, Fiji

"POLHN eLearning platform has allowed me to improve both my skills and knowledge. I am able to apply what I have learned in the courses in real-life situations".

Akata Parker

Akata Parker

Team Leader - Tamavua Rehab Centre

Suva, Fiji

A very useful and informative course which shows the awareness and necessity of infection control in the clinical environment.

Wainikiti Qereqeretabua

Wainikiti Qereqeretabua

Dietitian - Lautoka Hospital

Lautoka, Fiji

I really enjoyed the course and it has given me a better understanding of how high salt intake contributes to several potentially fatal diseases.

Shayala Prasad

Shayala Prasad

Staff Nurse - Levuka Hospital

Levuka , Fiji

The course 'Infant and Young Child Feeding' greatly enhanced my knowledge and should be part of any health professionals' curriculum.

Mohammed Alvis Zibran

Mohammed Alvis Zibran

Medical Officer - Sigatoka Hospital

Sigatoka, Fiji

While I was working as a Medical Officer, I used POLHN to keep myself updated with latest treatments and practices.

Mereani Moce

Mereani Moce

Staff Nurse - Labasa Hospital

Labasa, Fiji

To be honest, self-paced courses not only serve me with continuing education credits towards my annual licensing but they have also given me in-depth clinical knowledge and ways of improving patient safety and clinical outcomes.

Sanjila Singh

Sanjila Singh

Staff Nurse - Navua Hospital

Navua, Fiji

I have gained valuable knowledge of sodium's effect on the body and easily learned ways to promote salt reduction to my patients.

Timoci Savu

ICT Support Officer - Lautoka Hospital

Lautoka, Fiji

If you like to learn, grow, lead, and make a difference to the entire health system then POLHN is the place to work. Hardwork is always recognized and appreciated by POLHN team.

Joseph Rusaqoli

Dental therapist - Ministry of Health

Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Thank you very much POLHN for your sponsorship to enable me to do further studies and help improve myself as a person and also as a Clinician as well.I look forward to your continued support.


Nego Alwin

HOD - Health Information System Unit


I find POLHN very useful as it help me in furthering my study via the net. Prior to taking courses under sponsorship of POLHN I graduated with a Bachelor of Public Health in Fiji National University in 2013.



Rehabilitation Manager


I liked that I could study online from POLHN without leaving family and work.


Sharfa Aadila Rahim

Registered Nurse

Suva, Fiji

POLHN course content is convenient to the people as they can read whenever they are free or from any device.


Amitesh Ray

TB liaison officer - Navua hospital

Navua, Fiji

Studying with POLHN is an excellent opportunity to further our career.


Shayal Nand

Staff Nurse - CWM Hospital

Suva, Fiji

I never realized the importance of hand washing until I did Infection Prevention Control from POLHN. It is a single most effective way to prevent the spread of communicable disease.


Nilima Virani

Staff Nurse - Ba Mission Hospital

Ba, Fiji

POLHN courses were really rewarding and convenient. I learned new clinical skills and gained confidence. As a matter of fact, I couldn't believe that it was free.

Testimonial image

Shashi Lata

Registered Nurse - Samabula Health Centre

Suva, Fiji

Through POLHN sponsorship I have been able to gain complete and in-depth knowledge of Public Health and Health Service Management.

Rajneel Kumar

Junior Resident Doctor - Lautuka Divisional Hospital

Lautoka, Fiji

Studying with POHLN helps me greatly as it takes into consideration the working group of people while ensuring students continue to upgrade their education.


Roana Mataitini

Director of Funding & Planning - Ministry of Health

Avarua, Cook Islands

I like the flexibility in terms of learning pace at POLHN, ability to apply what is learned during the course in my work area, able to work and study at the same time without having to leave my family to move to Fiji to study.

Ofa Afu

Staff Nurse

Nuku`alofa, Tonga

I have been involved with IPC course online this year with the help of a POLHN TEAM with the help from this program, I feel I like I can do more on my own.I have more confidence and am not afraid.


Nevalyn Laesango

National Coordinator for NCDs

Honiara, Solomon Islands

POLHN is the best mode of study. I like POLHN's course content & presentation style. Really excellent stuff.


Sanjila Devi

Staff Nurse

Suva, Fiji

POLHN has really broadened my knowledge and the good thing is it's absolutely free. I recommend all health professionals to join it for free and enhance professional skills through interactive courses at POLHN. Great work team.

Artika Bandana

Nurse - Ba Health Centre

Ba, Fiji

The quality of education and course material is designed in such way that is easy to absorb. The course content is very precise and to the point. Studying the course is really fun. Highly Recommended.

Shavlin Kaur


Nausori, Fiji

POLHN has developed excellent self paced courses. Really like course content, presentation style, references. I look forward to taking other courses with POLHN. Keep up the good work.