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Interview with registered nurse Wati Driso

Published on: 24 October, 2018

Tell us something about your work and yourself.

My name is Wati Vulimai Lodoni Driso, I am a Registered Nurse at Ba Mission Hospital in Fiji. I have a Diploma in General and Obstetric Nursing and this is my 8th year in the Medical field. So far I have spent 2 years in Ba Mission Hospital, 2 years in Vunisea Rural Hospital and 3 years in Tavua Maternity Hospital.

How did you find out about POLHN?

Through work colleagues.

What courses have you studied with POLHN?

What do you like best about studying with POLHN?

The presentation layout. There is a flow in the presentation and it’s to the point.

Why do you take POLHN courses?

To keep me updated and well equipped with the new changes happening around us.

What advice do you have for others?

To keep studying and learning. The sky is the limit. POHLN is the best place to continue with or update your courses and get certificates to help you excel in life. So, choose POHLN.