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Success Story : Terkuma Chia

POLHN Successful Student – Nigeria

Published on: 5 July, 2018

About my work.

I work as a Technologist and Research Assistant at the College of Health Sciences, Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria.

How I found Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN)?

I stumbled upon POLHN’s website through a random search using Google search engine.

What course(s) have I completed with POLHN?

So far, I have completed one self-paced course, that is, Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF).

What have I liked the most about studying at POLHN?

The simplicity of the presentation coupled with the visual illustrations and the content of the course.

What is my main reason of taking POLHN course?

To gain knowledge that would be useful in my career aspirations and research interests.

What would I like to share with other potential POLHN community members?

Signing up for POLHN courses and studing here is a great way of acquiring knowledge and building your diverse capacities. I am already recommending POLHN courses to several friends and colleagues to take.