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“Through POLHN My Knowledge and Skills Stay Sharp and Relevant” – Shivali Rao

Through POLHN my knowledge and skills stay sharp and relevant

Published on: 10 July, 2018

Tell us something about your work and yourself.

My name is Shivali, and I am a registered nurse. I am currently working in the Emergency Department at Lautoka Hospital. This is my 3rd year in service, and I enjoy being an Emergency Room (ER) Nurse. I have obtained a Diploma in Nursing from Fiji National University (FNU)and I wish to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in nursing very soon.

As an emergency room nurse, you never know what’s coming through that door next. It could be someone with stab wounds, a baby in distress, bus accident victims or an elderly man with pneumonia.

The best part about being an emergency room nurse are those moments when you know, you have changed someone’s life. Sometimes, it is something small, not what most people would think of as life-saving, but it is lifesaving for that person.

We take care of patients of every age, from the moment of birth to grandmas and grandpas in their 100s. There is no medical, surgical, obstetrical, psychiatric or pediatric condition that we are not equipped to care for. Today’s emergency departments care for so much more than emergencies that some people have started calling them ‘Everything Departments.’

How did you find out about Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN)?

I found out about POLHN from our nurse managers and through Facebook as well.

What course(s)/topic(s) have you studied with POLHN?

So far, I have studied the Tuberculosis, Infection Prevention and Control and Salt Reduction courses from POLHN. I wish to continue doing further courses.

Studying with POLHN has helped me refresh my knowledge, which I gained back in nursing school. I believe learning is an everyday process. The best thing about POLHN is that the course modules offer quizzes to check your learning progress. You get prompt feedback if you submit wrong answers, which allows you to learn from your mistakes and to correct yourself before re-submitting the new answers.

What do you like best about studying with POLHN?

The reason I take POLHN courses is that POLHN has enabled me to apply the theory which I have learned in my clinical practice role. POLHN course contents are educational and very informative. It is an excellent mode of study as online courses are flexible, and we can do it in our own time.

Reasons for taking POLHN courses

POLHN offers a diverse variety of public health courses ; These eLearning public health courses give me the possibility to ensure my knowledge and skills stay sharp and relevant. Moreover, certificates of achievement gained from POLHN can be used in your resume.

What advice do you have for others?

I advise everyone to grab this opportunity and enroll in POLHN online training courses as it helps with personal development in terms of knowledge and skills.