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Registered Nurse Success Story On Diabetes Management Course – Kiribati

Published on:15 November, 2018

Thank you POLHN for providing free online courses – it is very useful for me and for all health staff around the globe! -Debbie Koin Iotia, Registered Nurse.

Tell us something about your work and yourself.

I am Debbie Koin Iotia and I am from Kiribati. I have been a registered nurse since 2014 and currently work in the diabetic foot care clinic within Tungaru Central Hospital in Kiribati where I have been since its establishment in 2017. I’m also part of the NCD team, which is why I focus on Diabetic foot care.

How did you find out about POLHN?

I heard about POLHN from one of my colleagues when I was a student nurse. I was amazed to learn that POLHN not only offers sponsorship for Master’s programmes and postgraduate certificates but also offers free online health courses.

What courses have you studied with POLHN?

I have studied Online Diabetes Management Guidelines. I found the course content for this to be very well presented. This taught me many things, especially about the complications of diabetes and the best ways to manage diabetic patients. I also recently completed the two new POLHN courses on Betel Nut (Basic and Advanced).

What do you like best about studying with POLHN?

It has given me all the information about the topics I studied. This is very important for me to broaden my knowledge and understanding, especially on diabetes.

Why did you take POLHN courses?

To refresh my basic knowledge of delivering diabetes care and to enhance my skills in caring for people with diabetes.

What advice do you have for others?

Keep studying and practicing using POLHN free online training courses.