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The success story of Dr Rajneel Kumar

Published on: 28 December, 2017

“Do not wait for opportunities, create your own.” – Rajneel Kumar, Junior Resident in Anaesthesia

Tell us something about your work and yourself.

Rajneel Kumar is a doctor at Lautoka Divisional Hospital in Fiji. He has recently been undertaking POLHN-sponsored courses at Fiji National University (FNU), and spoke to POLHN to share some of his experiences.

Tell us something about your work and yourself.

I am a young and dedicated individual with a vibrant personality, currently residing in Lautoka, Fiji. I practise medicine as a Junior Resident in Anaesthesia in the Intensive Care Department at Lautoka Divisional Hospital. I graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and recently obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health from Fiji National University in 2016.

How did you find out about POLHN?

I was told of POLHN and the opportunities it held towards developing individuals through my Public Health lecturer and mentor, who had helped me to successfully complete my degree.

What do you study with POLHN?

I will be continuing my study in the field of Public Health from FNU.

What do you like best about studying with POLHN?

Studying with POLHN helps me greatly as it takes into consideration that people are working, while also ensuring students continue to upgrade their education.

What advice do you have for others?

Every day is a learning process and one should always aim to gain academic growth and excellence.

Edited by: Margaret Goydych
For more information, contact Ms Shivala Singh, country coordinator for Fiji (email here).