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Sister Bulou Aliti Boginivalu

Published on: 9 January, 2018

For Sister Bulou Boginivalu, it seemed like she would always pursue a career in nursing. Her interest in the field dates back to when she was young and would sign her diary with Bulou Boginivalu, future Registered Nurse. Sister Bulou Boginivalu told POLHN that she also clearly remembers what she wrote in her diary back in August 2004: Finally the day has arrived – today I graduated with a Diploma in Nursing from Fiji School of Nursing in Tamavua at Fiji National University.

After graduating she did her seven month internship at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva before being posted to Nabouwalu Hospital in 2005. From 2006 till 2008 she worked as a district nurse at the Bua Nursing Station.

Sister Bulou’s interest in obstetric nursing developed when she witnessed the first delivery of one of her patients. She enjoys getting to know patients on a personal level and monitoring them throughout their pregnancies. She told POLHN: “I believe obstetric nursing offers a unique privilege to follow a patient from the beginning of her pregnancy to the delivery. It is a gratifying and rewarding experience because it helps to build families. That’s when I decided to pursue further studies at the Sangam College of Nursing.” Her hard work paid off in 2013 when she successfully graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery.

In October 2014, Bulou’s efforts were recognised and got promoted to be Ward Sister of the Women’s & Obstetric Ward. “Nursing is a career path in which there are so many opportunities,” she says.

Sister Bulou Boginivalu plans on pursuing a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Service Management under POLHN sponsorship starting in semester 1, 2018. She is really looking forward for POLHN starting sponsorship of postgraduate courses in Midwifery.

Sister Bulou Boginivalu says anyone who is considering a career in nursing should be committed and dedicated, especially on challenging days.

Last but certainly not least, Sister Bulou Boginivalu has been appointed as POLHN focal point for Nabouwalu Hospital; to encourage health workers to pursue continuing professional development through self-paced and sponsored courses.

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