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“It’s the health workers that make POLHN truly special!” – interview with Fiji country coordinator Fazleen Nisha

Published on: 18 January, 2018

Fazleen Nisha is POLHN’s country coordinator for Fiji. Read her interview below to hear about her experience in this position.

How did you end up at POLHN and what is your role?

I started at POLHN back in 2017; I’m the POLHN country coordinator for Fiji. It’s a challenging, very enjoyable and fast paced role!

My role is to provide technical support to the POLHN learning centers throughout Fiji and assist students with enquiries and applications. I also support Fiji’s Ministry of Health and Medical Services to identify, establish and implement continuing professional development.

What do you love most about POLHN?

I love the people I work with; everyone is friendly, helpful and supportive of each other and working with people coming from nations all around the world gives me a better understanding of their culture and languages. POLHN is the most exciting place I have ever worked. We’re expanding significantly and it’s a great experience being a part of such a successful program and to have the opportunity to grow within the organisation.

What is your favourite memory from your time at POLHN?

I have various great memories of my time here, especially from some of the duty travels where I travelled all around the Fiji Islands. I love conducting workshops and assisting health workers by providing technical support, it’s the health workers that make POLHN truly special!

What makes POLHN different to anywhere you’ve worked before?

It’s a really exciting place to work, with a great atmosphere and team spirit. Personally I would say 9-5 office work does not bring excitement whereas POLHN is all about field work and can also be challenging. I’m proud to be part of POLHN!

What career development have you experienced with POLHN?

I’m currently studying towards achieving my postgraduate qualification in Management and Public Administration from the University of South Pacific. The course is challenging; however the support is always there for when I need to focus on assignments and I’m always encouraged to do well.

Edited by: Margaret Goydych

For more information, contact Ms Shivala Singh, country coordinator for Fiji (email here).