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Interview with Dental Hygienist Kilton Pelobule

Free POLHN Courses Success Stories - Solomon Islands

Success Story from the Solomon Islands on POLHN Free Courses


Tell us something about your work and yourself.

My name is Kilton Pelobule. I was born and bred in the Solomon Islands. I am employed by the Dental Department in the Ghizo Hospital as a Dental Hygienist.


How did you find out about Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN)?

I was told about it by our dentist and next thing you know I find myself routed in this very useful and helpful website:!


What online courses have you studied with POLHN?

I have completed the Areca Nut and Betel Quid (Basic), Areca Nut and Betel Quid (Advanced) and Infection Prevention and Control. I am also currently doing Health Information System (HIS). All these courses have been really helpful to what I do at my work place.


What do you like best about studying with POLHN?

Firstly, the best part about POLHN is its credibility: knowing that this is a programme of World Health Organization (WHO) makes me feel proud and honoured. Secondly, it is free-to-take and you receive a certificate upon completion. Finally, it is easy to navigate and very user-friendly. You can read and review your lessons in your most comfortable time.


Why do you take POLHN courses?

I believe learning only ends when you die. So I believe we should never stop gaining knowledge because it very important to update ourselves and it will be very helpful not only in our professional growth but also in our daily lives. Getting updated will broaden your knowledge.


What advice do you have for others?

We have different choices to broaden our knowledge but I will recommend choose POLHN. It provides updated information regarding health issues that will keep you updated for your desired field.


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