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Penn Foster Dental School

Penn Foster Dental School is an American-based college. In association with the Pacific Basic Dental Association (PBDA), POLHN has partnered with Penn Foster Dental School to offer sponsorship of its Dental Assistant Career Diploma.


About the diploma

The Penn Foster Dental Assistant Career Diploma is delivered online via distance learning. POLHN sponsors tuition for dental assistants in the Pacific to undertake this course, and holds regular teleconferences to monitor their learning progress.

Upon completion of this diploma, students will be able to:

  • Assist dentists with lab tasks and procedures;
  • Communicate with and instruct patients in proper dental hygiene;
  • Disinfect dental tools properly; and
  • Manage a dental office.

The delivery of this course involves nine modules, which take nine months to complete. After external assessment and validation by PBDA, formal certificates are awarded to successful candidates.


Application process

To apply for sponsorship for Penn Foster dental courses, applicants must be currently working as a dental assistant in either: Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Palau, American Samoa or the Marshall Islands.

In order to get sponsorship, applicants must be nominated by their Ministry of Health. Their applications will then go through a vetting process through their WHO country office and the POLHN Secretariat.

Once students successfully complete the Penn Foster Dental Assistant Career Diploma, they can undertake external examination by Fiji National University. This involves sitting an exam, the cost of which is borne by POLHN. If they successfully pass, students can then apply for further dental qualifications – including a Bachelor’s degree – from Fiji National University.


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