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Pacific Paramedical Training Centre

Pacific Paramedical Training Centre

The Pacific Paramedical Training Centre (PPTC) is a not-for-profit organisation located at Wellington Hospital in New Zealand. Established it 1980, it aims to provide training and assistance in the medical laboratory sciences. This includes development assistance for clinics and laboratories across South East Asia and the Pacific.

POLHN works with PPTC to offer a two year, part-time Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science. This can be undertaken in full via distance learning.

About the Diploma

The Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science consists of six modules. Three are completed in the first year and three in the second.

The modules offered within the Diploma are:

  • Laboratory Technology;
  • Haematology;
  • Biochemistry;
  • Microbiology;
  • Transfusion science; and
  • Laboratory quality management system.

These courses cover the basic theoretical and practical principles of laboratory science, focusing on “the how and the why”. Each module is separated into six sections, which are assessed through multiple choice questionnaires that are sent to PPTC for marking. There is also a log book for students to complete.

Please note that the exact dates for the modules vary from year to year. Check the PPTC website for current information, or contact your POLHN focal point.


How to apply

In order to be eligible for POLHN sponsorship for PPTC courses, students must make online applications. Only students with satisfactory performance will be able to continue with sponsorship. For more information, see the document on PPTC Selection Criteria for POLHN Courses.

The application process for POLHN sponsorship of PPTC courses is as follows:

  1. Each module, applicant completes the POLHN application form
  2. Applicant emails the form to, CC.
  3. PPTC vets the applications
  4. PPTC send the proposed candidate list to the POLHN Secretariat Office
  5. POLHN sends the vetted list to the relevant Ministry of Health, POLHN focal point and WHO country offices for endorsement at the national level
  6. POLHN supports endorsed students

If you have any queries or concerns about the application process, please contact your POLHN focal point.

Links and documents

POLHN application form

PPTC Selection Criteria for POLHN Courses

PPTC website

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