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Part Time: Content Developer


Pacific Countries


Content Developer




July 02, 2019

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1. Purpose of the contract

The contractor will work with PHS/DPS in developing website and social media content, blogs, newsletter and other publications for Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN). In light of the growing number of website visitors, increasing POLHN activities and news, this contract aims to ensure delivery of up-to-date website content and news articles. In addition, the contractor will be responsible to collect workforce development related stories, lessons learnt and experiences.

2. Background

The POLHN was created to deliver online learning and continuing professional development opportunities for geographically dispersed and remote health workers in the Pacific. POLHN partners with academic institutions, course providers, independent contractors and Ministries of Health to provide equal opportunity and greater access to a range of accredited and non-accredited learning activities both online and via e-learning for health workers across the Pacific.

The POLHN website plays a highly important role in its functionality. Due to POLHN’s recent engagement with other course providers, universities and partners, well organized, up-to-date and correct information on website is essential. It is also necessary for POLHN to maintain and improve its ranking on search engines.

POLHN requires a dedicated part- time junior editor to monitor continuing education trend in Pacific and adequately update website. Previously, news blogs were managed in-house, however due to the increase in website traffic, news related articles and social media hits, external expertise to manage day-to-day content is necessary.

3. Planned timelines

Start date:15/07/2019
End date:15/12/2019

4. Work to be performed

Method(s) to carry out the activity

Remote work from the suppliers’ location with WordPress platform of POLHN(



In collaboration with the PHS/DPS, the contractor will be required to perform the below tasks:

  1. News
  • Publish at least five news article on weekly bases (in collaboration with appropriate technical support staff)
  • Example:
  1. Success stories
  1. Blogs:
  • Publish at least five POLHN students testimony conducted via survey/ online questionnaire;
  • Collect and publish stories from other countries reacted health activities.
  • Example:
  1. Course review
  • Review language and literature of all POLHN course within the contractual period
  1. Multimedia
  • Collect relevant high quality photos related health activities;
  1. Assisting the POLHN technical and website management support team with the writing and editing of reports and other relevant material as required; and
  2. Resolve discrepancies highlighted via analytical reports provided by the website management team.

5. Technical supervision

- Qualifications required: master degree of medical, nursing or public health from a recognised university or educational institution

- Experience required: at least five years of developing, teaching and facilitating medical courses, previous wor experience in Pacific will be an advantage.

- Language requirements: High level of written and spoken English

6. Competencies

The selected consultant will work under the supervision of:

Responsible Officer:

Mohammed Yasin, Technical Officer Pacific Open Learning Health Net, Pacific Health Systems and Policy, Division of Pacific Technical Support



Dr Akeem Ali, Team Leader, Pacific Health Systems and Policy, Division of Pacific Technical Support


7. Specific requirements

The following experience is required for this contract:

  • At least 5 years of work experience language and linguistic, journalism, editing and report writing.

8. Competencies

  • Have strong communication skills and fluency in English, with excellent attention to detail. Knowledge of and experience with WHO activities in the Pacific, particularly relating to health education and editing experience is essential.

9. Location of assignment

Remote; work and communication to be conducted virtually from the contractor’s location

10. Timeline and duration of assignment

The duration for of the assignment is from 15 July 2019 to 15 December, 2019

Proposed activitiesDates
Report of activities and updates as listed above15th of each month
Progress report based on monthly activities15th of each month

11. Deliverable(s)

Deliverable(s) to be submitted during and after the period of the assignment including manner of delivery and payment

  • Monthly instalments upon submission of progress report

12. Detailed cost breakdown

Listed Service = (80 hours/ month) X (submit your expected daily rate) = ___________

Miscellaneous (if any, specify) = ______________

TOTAL   = _____________________                      

All clarification relating to this should be addressed to Mohammed Aruf Yasin at

Applications not meeting the mandatory requirements will not be shortlisted. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Applications close on 02 July, 2019.

Please use Tender Notice No as shown on UNGM website as subject to all submissions.

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