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Develop Instrument and Collect Human Resource for Health Data


Republic of Marshall Islands


Develop Instrument and Collect Human Resource




June 30, 2019

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1. Purpose of the contract

Working closely with the WHO Division of Pacific Technical Support (DPS) and Republic of Marshall Islands Ministry of Health and Human Services the contractor will develop an instrument, collect data and establish individual health worker portfolio to improve the workforce planning and human resource information systems (HRIS).

2. Background

The twelfth Pacific Health Ministers Meetings in 2017 committed to the health workforce development in the Pacific. The members agreed that in order to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC), the countries will require a well-motivated health workforce in the right numbers, at the right places, with the right competencies at both the regional and national levels.

The quality of health services is directly dependent upon the adequate supply and management of skilled health workers. Improving human resource for health information system, workforce planning, performance management and continuing professional development are key elements to strengthen health workforce.

In order to achieve UHC, Republic of Marshall Islands Ministry of Health and Human Services has partnered with the Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN) and WHO Division of Pacific Technical Support (DPS) to develop an instrument to collect and manage data related to human resource for health in line with the National Health Workforce Accounts (NHWA). Countries can progressively improve the availability, quality, and use of data on health workforce through monitoring of the set of NHWA indicators.

3. Planned timelines

Start date:           01 August

End date:             20 August

4. Work to be performed

Method(s) to carry out the activity

Desk review, analysis interviews and consultations


In collaboration with the WHO Pacific Health Systems and Policy team and Republic of Marshall Islands Ministry of Health and Human Services the contractor will:

  1. Develop an instrument with demographic /GIS recording ability to systemically collect HRH information;
  2. Collect information agreed while developing the instrument;
  3. Deliver consolidated, cleaned, improved, statically analysed, visualized information in a format readable by common statistical software (KMZ and CSV format);
  4. Submit data entry file, packaged file of individual worker portfolio and final report detailing the overall process, methodology of survey and outcome in MS Word and pdf format

5. Technical supervision

The selected supplier will work under the supervision of:

Responsible officer:

Mohammed Yasin, Technical Officer Pacific Open Learning Health Net, Pacific Health Systems and Policy, Division of Pacific Technical Support



Dr Akeem Ali, Team Leader, Pacific Health Systems and Policy, Division of Pacific Technical Support


6. Specific requirements

Qualifications required:
  • Minimum master level qualification
Experience required:
  • At least five years of work experience, including international work experience, with specialisation in research, evaluation, GIS technology, analysis, and developing and executing research instruments;
  • Understanding of health system in Pacific Island countries and areas;
  • Previous experience working with or in a developing country
Skills / Technical skills and knowledge:
  • Understanding and knowledge of HRIS
Language requirements:
  • Written and spoken fluency in English is essential. Working knowledge of other UN languages is an advantage

7. Competencies

  • Communicating in a credible and effective way;
  • Producing results as measurable by specific outputs;
  • Moving forward in a changing environment; and
  • Fostering integration and teamwork.

8. Location of assignment

Home-based and Republic of Marshall Islands

9. Timeline and duration of assignment

The duration for of the assignment is from 01 August – 20 August

Proposed activitiesDue dates
Desk review, scoping, planning and established work planTo be discussed with the selected                 vendor
Final Product (KMG File, CSV file)To be discussed with the selected                 vendor
Final reportTo be discussed with the selected                 vendor

10. Deliverable(s)

Deliverable(s) to be submitted during and after the period of the assignment including manner of delivery and payment

Signing of the contract(10% payment)
Inception report with finalized instrument and work plan :  (10 August)(25% payment)
Final report  with complete data set (MS excel format) with KMZ file(20 August)  (65% payment)

11. Detailed cost breakdown

Daily professional rate = Number of days X expected daily rate= __________
WHO Per diem  = Number of days in country X WHO Per dium= __________
Return flight costs= __________
Miscellaneous (if any, specify)= __________
Total= __________

12. Applications

Qualified institutions / companies should submit are expected to submit the technical and financial proposals in the English language. For preparation of the proposal, refer to the following aspects which shall be addressed in the proposal:

  • Formal proposal submission letter;
  • understanding and approach;
  • methods of implementing the approach;
  • dependencies / Challenges / Assumptions;
  • risk management plan; and
  • detailed work breakdown structure along with segregation of roles along with team members.

The financial proposal shall cover all costs including in-country tax . The financial estimates/proposal shall be itemized which shall at least include both HR and non-HR costs. A financial estimates’ summary shall be shared along with the detailed itemized costing to Mohammed Aruf Yasin at

ONLY short-listed applicants will be contacted. Applications close on 30 June, 2019

Please use Tender Notice No as shown on UNGM website as subject to all submissions.

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