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Design and Develop Online and Offline License Verification Platform for Marshall Islands Health Professionals


Republic of Marshall Islands


License Verification Platform




July 01, 2019

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1. Purpose of the contract

In collaboration with the WHO Division of Pacific Technical Support (DPS) and Republic of Marshall Islands Ministry of Health and Human Services, the contractor undertakes to carry out all or part of the specification in designing and developing of the online and offline licence verification software system that will automate the cataloguing, searching, and reporting of the health professionals in Marshalls. The system will provide a database for the Marshall Islands Medical Board (the name to be determined).

2. Background

Marshall Islands Ministry of Health and Human Services is the statutory body responsible for the delivery of the healthcare to the citizen of Marshall Islands. The quality of its services is directly dependent upon the supply of the qualified health personnel, governance, competencies and practice standards.

To improve and strengthen the standard of care and to safeguard the interest of its patients, ministry of Health and Human Services has taken an initiative to establish and implement standards for the health professional practicing in Marshalls.

In order to successfully integrate standards practices of the health workers into the regulatory system that will govern the workforce, Marshall Islands Ministry of Health and Human Services, has partnered with the Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN) and WHO Division of Pacific Technical Support (DPS) to develop an advanced consolidated health worker profiling and credential verification system.

The software will provide a synchronized platform linking health workers, government institutions and regulatory boards to effectively monitor the competency standards of the health sector.

3. Planned timelines

Start date: 15 August

End date:   30 August

4. Work to be performed

Method(s) to carry out the activity

Desk review, analysis interviews consultations and in-country implementation.


In collaboration with the WHO Pacific Health Systems and Policy team and the Republic of Marshall Islands, the contractor will be required to perform the below tasks:

Conduct analytical and research work including literature review;

  • Propose a method(s) or mechanism that will provide a best fit economical and easy to use solution to integrate, catalogue, search, report and verify licence of the health professionals;
  • Submit interim report

The implementation of this agreed method(s) or mechanism three phases:

  • Produce an inventory of the health work force based on agreed indicators (the Compiling Phase)
  • Preparation and approval of a detailed specification (the Specification Phase)
  • Development and installation of the Software (the Development Phase)
  • Acceptance, commissioning and delivery (the Delivery Phase)

Final report and handover

5. Technical supervision

The selected consultant will work under the supervision of:

Responsible Officer:

Mohammed Yasin, Technical Officer Pacific Open Learning Health Net, Pacific Health Systems and Policy, Division of Pacific Technical Support



Dr Akeem Ali, Team Leader, Pacific Health Systems and Policy, Division of Pacific Technical Support

6. Specific requirements

The following experience is required for this contract:

  • At least five years of direct work experience with designing, development, monitoring, assessing and reporting for different public and/or private sector programmes;
  • Demonstrated experience with developing and managing web application systems;
  • Demonstrated experience with developing online and offline applications for low resource setting;
  • Knowledge about Pacific health system and Pacific internet infrastructure will be an added advantage;
  • Should be a more than 5 employee company with an ability to provide effective delivery of services; and
  • Should be able to provide CV of team members.

7. Competencies

  • Communicating in a credible and effective way;
  • Producing results as measurable by specific outputs;
  • Moving forward in a changing environment; and
  • Fostering integration and teamwork.

8. Location of assignment

Remote and In-country

9. Timeline and duration of assignment

The duration for of the assignment is from 15 August – 30 August

Interim report20 August
Final report submitted and approved by the technical officer:30 August

10. Detailed cost breakdown

Upon signature of the contract (To facilitate travel arrangement)(25% payment)
Interim report(20 August )(25% payment)
Final report submitted and approved by the technical officer(30 August)(50% payment)

11. Applications

Qualified institutions / companies should submit are expected to submit the technical and financial proposals in the English language. For preparation of the proposal, refer to the following aspects which shall be addressed in the proposal:

  • Formal proposal submission letter;
  • Understanding and approach;
  • Methods of implementing the approach;
  • Dependencies / Challenges / Assumptions;
  • Risk management plan; and
  • Detailed work breakdown structure along with segregation of roles along with team members.

The financial proposal shall cover all costs including designing, development, hosting, security, project management, content collection, data verification, and coding, along with requiring any needed licensing or subscription costs of third party applications. The financial estimates/proposal shall be itemized which shall at least include both technical and non-technical costs. A financial estimates’ summary shall be shared along with the detailed itemized costing to Mohammed Aruf Yasin at

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.  Applications close on 01 July, 2019

Please use Tender Notice No as shown on UNGM website as subject to all submissions.

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