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Solomon Islands



Official Languages



28,400 km2
(11,000 sq. mi)




Solomon Island dollar

Geography and demographics

Solomon Islands is a South Pacific country comprised of more than 900 islands and atolls. It shares ocean borders with Papua New Guinea to the west and Vanuatu to the east. English is the country’s official language, however most people speak Solomon Pijin. Solomons Islands has been a constitutional monarchy and member of the Commonwealth of Nations, headed by Queen Elizabeth II, since attaining independence in 1978. The country is a parliamentary democracy with a unicameral national Parliament comprising 50 members elected every four years, whose majority elect the Prime Minister. The economy is largely based on subsistence agriculture supplemented by cash cropping (cocoa and palm oil), fishing, forestry and mining.


The Solomons became independent in 1978, but remain a Commonwealth country today, with Queen Elizabeth as the Head of State. The country has 50 members of parliament, elected every four years, whose majority elect the Prime Minister.


The economy of the Solomons is largely based on the export of commodities. This includes timber, fish, palm oil, cocoa and timber. Tourism is an important service industry, and the agricultural sector is also significant. The country’s currency is the Solomon Islands Dollar.


From beautiful beaches to rich history, there is much to see and do in the Solomon Islands. Its culture dates back thousands of years, with ancient ceremonial sites and WWII relics. Often called “the Amazon of the oceans”, the Solomons’ dense jungle and mountains make for ideal trekking and exploration. For more relaxation time, the many islands and beaches offer a number of eco-lodges and resorts to suit all kinds of travellers. Other activities include kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, diving and surfing.

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