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Geography and demographics

Palau is an archipelago of 340 islands located in the Western Pacific. Only eight of these are inhabited by its population of around 18,000 people. The capital, Melekeok, is located on the largest island: Babeldoab. The country’s two official languages are English and Palauan.


Palau is an independent democratic republic in a Compact of Free Association with the United States. Its executive and legislative branches are directly elected, with presidential elections taking place every four years. The Palau National Congress has two houses, with nine members in the Senate and sixteen in the House of Delegates. The President is both the Head of State and the Head of Government.


More than half of Palau’s workforce is employed by the service sector, which is also the biggest contributor to its economy. In addition to this, it has an advanced tourism sector and well-developed private sector. Other contributors to the economy include fisheries and small-scale agriculture. The currency is the United States Dollar.


Palau has much to offer tourists in the way of nature, history and culture. Its famous lagoons and islands offer swimming, snorkelling and diving. The famous Ngardmau Falls and Jellyfish lagoon are also a must-see. For a more cultural experience, Palau has incredible ancient ruins and various museums, as well as some wonderful night markets. Those who prefer a more slow-paced atmosphere can stay on one of the island’s many resorts, where some of the world’s most beautiful beaches make for ideal relaxation.

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Focal Point

Sunshine Garcia

Sunshine is the POLHN focal point for Palau. She has associate degrees in science and in liberal arts, and also currently works as a medical librarian at Belau National Hospital. She has held the position of POLHN focal point for eight years.






General Information

Official Name Republic of Palau
Capital Ngerulmud
Official Languages English, Palauan
Area 459 Km2
Population 21,503
Currency United States Dollar

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