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Official Languages

Niuean, English


261.46 km2
(100.95 sq mi)




New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Health overview

Niue is experiencing increases in the incidence of NCDs, including diabetes, stroke and cancers, in conjunction with high rates of obesity, hypertension and hyperglycaemia. The current model of care promotes a treatment-based approach, and more needs to be done to promote disease prevention and healthy living.

Health infrastructure

Niue has one hospital: the Niue Foou Hospital, located in Kaimiti, Olafi. The Niue Hospital is the hub for the majority of health services and public health programmes, providing both primary and secondary medical care. Tertiary care is provided via transfers to New Zealand and an emergency evacuation service, complemented with annual visits from New Zealand-based specialists.

Health workforce

The ability of the health sector to provide effective services is challenged by a declining health workforce and ageing population. As a small country, village-level community health workers can play a key role in the promotion of health and the prevention of diseases at the community level.


At the Sixth World Health Assembly in May 1953, Niue was assigned to the Western Pacific Region as an area, "without prejudice to any questions regarding sovereignty". It achieved internal self-government in October 1974 in free association with New Zealand. Niue joined WHO on 4th May 1994. Niue was covered by the WHO Representative Office in the South Pacific from 1956 to 1st October 1986, when the WHO Representative Office in Samoa was established to cover American Samoa, Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa and Tokelau.

The WHO Representative in Niue, Samoa, American Samoa, Cook Islands and Tokelau:
Dr Baoping Yang
Address: Ioane Viliamu Building Beach Road Apia Western Samoa
Telephone: (685) 24-976

Ministry of Health

Address: Niue Public Service Building, Fonuakula, Alofi, Niue
Clivenn Naepi, Director
Phone: +683 4200

Ministry of Health
Ministry of Social Services and Health
Government of Niue
P O Box 33, Alofi, Nauru

Health training institutions

Due to its isolation and small population, there are no centres for higher education in Niue. As such, most students go abroad to other Pacific Islands or undertake distance learning to gain post-secondary qualifications.

Geography and demographics

Niue is an island covering 260 square kilometres in the South Pacific Ocean, Niue is a self-governing country in free association with New Zealand. It is governed by a premier elected by the Legislative Assembly, which in turn is elected by popular vote. Major economic activities in Niue include handicrafts, food processing, agriculture, fishing and tourism. With around 400 employees, public service remains the dominant employer on the island.


Niue is a self-governing state in free association with New Zealand. This means that New Zealand conducts most diplomatic relations on Niue’s behalf and that the reigning monarch in Great Britain is the head of state. Its legislative assembly serves as parliament, which consists of 20 elected members. The Cabinet of Ministers is the most important body within this, which is headed by the Premier.


Agriculture is the primary contributor to Niue’s economy, where subsistence farming is most popular. Its biggest export crops are taro,

and noni. Other important sectors are fisheries and tourism. Niue uses the New Zealand dollar as its currency.


Dolphin and whale watching are  some of Niue’s most popular tourist activities. The island is also home to several water sports, including fishing, sailing, yachting, snorkelling, and diving. There is much to do on land as well, from exploring ancient limestone caves to scenic walks through dense rainforests and jagged coral pinnacles. For a more cultural experience, tourists will get the most from visiting during the period of village festivals, where an abundance of dance, food and arts provides a thoroughly traditional and invigorating experience.

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