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Marshall Islands

Geography and demographics

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) is located in the South Pacific, close to the equator. Part of Micronesia, it has a population of 53,158 people, most of whom are located in the capital city of Majuro. Spread across 29 coral atolls, the country compromises 1,225 islands amounting to around 180 km2. The two official languages are Marshallese and English.


An independent country, RMI is in a Compact of Free Association with the US. This means that the US provides the country with financial assistance, and in exchange has complete responsibility and authority over its security and defence. RMI is a democratic nation, with a president and members of parliament elected every four years by universal suffrage.


The RMI’s Compact of Free Association with the US is the primary contributor to its economy. Other than this, the principal employers in the Marshall Islands are the government and the commercial and retail sectors. Domestic production is also on the rise, for instance in the areas of fisheries, handicrafts and subsistence agriculture. The US Dollar is used as the currency.


Due to its thousands of islands and abundance of coral, RMI is an ideal travel spot. Principal tourist activities include diving, snorkelling, swimming and fishing. Sailing in particular is widely practised, and is the primary method of transport between the islands.

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Focal Point

Dana Karben-Ankien

Dana is the POLHN focal point for the Marshall Islands. She has been working with the Ministry of Health as a Human Resources Development Coordinator since 2016.






General Information

Official Name Republic of the Marshall Islands
Capital Majuro
Official Languages Marshallese, English
Area 181.43 km2
Population 53,066
Currency United States Dollar

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