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Student Satisfaction with POLHN Remains High

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Published on: 20 Sep 2018

Four out of five registered nurses at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital (CWMH) were satisfied with the courses provided by Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN), according to the latest survey conducted by University of Strathclyde Master of Science student, Joy Juillard.

The CWMH nurses’ student experience survey (SES) of more than 300 registered nurses showed that majority of the nurses with less than 10 years post registration experience were satisfied with the continuing professional development (CPD) experience provided by POLHN. Same category of nurses responded that the e-learning courses provided them with reflective and interactive platform.

The survey measured five key areas of the student experience: knowledge and skills enhancement, interactive and engagement, course quality, personal and professional development, and course content and resources.

The students rated their overall POLHN experience at 90%. The result reflects the commitment of World Health Organisation and dedication and passion by the POLHN secretariat and technical team in providing access to free CPD to improve patient care.

In a separate interview, a registered nurse from Maternity Ward said, “The Infection, Prevention and Control course really changed my clinical practice. I struggled to apply IPC during my internship year. However after completing the POLHN course I was very confident and used the skills I learnt to provide better care to my patients.”

POLHN has beefed up its course quality and accessibility to become the platform that Pacific health workers are most satisfied with, according to the University of Technology report. Infection Prevention and Control, HIV-AIDS/TB, Diabetes Management Guidelines and Health Information System were the most popular topics.

Several nurses have also completed Salt Reduction, Guidelines for Antibiotics Use, Antimicrobial Stewardship Programmes in Hospitals and Infant and Young Child Feeding

76% of nurses rated course content as important or very important to their current job. Over half of the total respondents expressed that the course contributed to their promotion and pay rise.

This provides powerful evidence of the vast impact of POLHN in Pacific. “We reviewed our approach and mantra to ensure that every health workers is appropriately equipped with knowledge to deliver quality patient care,” said POLHN Technical Officer, Mohammed Aruf Yasin.

“There are other more advanced platforms available to nurses like EDX, Cousera and Medscape, we are not competing with them, what POLHN delivers is unique to small economies and developing nations. POLHN is a successful example in demonstrating how developing countries can form network to overcome cluster based of health problems,” he continued.

The research provides a fundamental pathway and sets the stepping stone information. This could be the turning point for the nurses who were juggling extra hours to attend face to face CPD. The availability and accessibility of CPD via e-learning will ease the added burden.

POLHN student numbers continue to surge as the platform delivers some of the topnotch CPD topics to regional and international health workers.