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New partnership between POLHN and UniFiji

Published on: 30 November, 2017

In a bid to improve patient care and promote Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in the region, the University of Fiji (UniFiji) has teamed up with POLHN. Together they will provide registered nurses with an opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Nursing (Bridging) and Master of Nursing by thesis and Bachelor of Public Heath to the public health workers from Semester 1, 2018.

The partnership between POLHN and UniFiji will allow Pacific nurses to upgrade their skills, knowledge, and education without moving away from their homes. The Saweni-based Lautoka campus will remotely facilitate the accredited programmes via POLHN. The geographically dispersed students will be able to access the programmes at one of POLHN’s 52 e-learning centres located within hospitals in 15 Pacific island countries. They can also be accessed from their internet-connected personal mobile devices. For enrolled students coming from areas with internet constraints, the learning and teaching materials will also be provided on USBs and CDs.

Following the collaboration, UniFiji has engaged a team of experts to redesign its face-to-face nursing and public health curricula in order deliver a high standard of interactive academic modules and assessments to POLHN’s distance flexible learning students. The curriculum designed by UniFiji is geared towards upgrading the Pacific Human Resource for Heath (HRH) and moving toward UHC.

Over the last 13 years, WHO has supported HRH development programmes, POLHN has been plugging the skills gap in the Pacific civil health sector through its innovative mechanism and collaborative partnerships with universities, institutions and ministries of health in the region.

Left to right: Ms. Fazleen (POLHN Country Coordinator), Prof. Prem Misir (Vice Chancellor - UniFiji), Mr. Yasin (Technical Officer - WHO) and Dr. Elick Narayan (Dean - UPSM).

“Our partnership will advance nursing standards and improve patient care in the region as well as worldwide.” said the Vice Chancellor of UniFiji, Professor Prem Misir. “The school believes this partnership will create an entire new advancement in the nursing education,” added the Dean of the Umanand Prasad School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr Elick Narayan.

“Our aim is to provide nurses and public health workers diverse opportunities to advance their career and also equip them knowledge to make informed health related decisions,” said Professor Misir.

To provide basic skills in research and report writing, the university will also develop for POLHN to deliver: English for Academic Purposes and Basic Computer Literacy, which will be prerequisites to the programme.

“The University will develop free-to-take self-paced short courses around various health topics as our corporate social responsibility. In addition to that, the university will be offering Food Safety, Business English and Climate Change via POLHN” said Dr Narayan.

The courses will be ready for enrolment in early 2018 via POLHN.

For more information, contact Mr Mohammed Yasin at the WHO Division of Pacific Technical support (email here), or Dr Elick Narayan, Dean of the Umanand Prasad School of Medicine and Health Sciences at UniFiji (email here).