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Ministry Continues to Raise Awareness on Suicide Prevention

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Published on: 29 Oct, 2018

The Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Mental Health Unit, Committee on the Prevention of Suicide (NCOPS) is collaborating with Non-Government Organisations, Faith Based and Civil Society Organisations, youth groups and communities to raise awareness on suicide prevention.

On the 12th of October, 2018 a program was organised in Vanua Levu, Labasa to mark the National Day on Mental Health. The theme of this event was “Working Together to Prevent Suicide.” The aim of the Health Ministry was to intensify outreach program in order to reach as many communities as possible.

The NCOPS members also organised a Mental Health Walk for Hope at Sukuna Park and Albert Park in Suva on the 13th of October, 2018 and other events throughout Fiji to reach out to rural and urban settlement, schools, corporate agencies, faith-based and youth groups.

The mental health awareness campaign is an opportunity for the public to socialise and share information on ways to cope with stressors, develop resilience, and manage stressors to prevent severe distress.

Mental Health Gap Program

As part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness on online mental health programs, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services has empowered health workers through Mental Health Global Action program (MHGAP) training, which enables those with a non-specialised background in mental health to recognise mental health issues and have the ability to treat these issues in their own setting and communities.

In last two years more than 700 nurses have been trained through free online mental health training which was funded by World Health Organisation. The online mental health training has empowered health workers in divisions and subdivisions to be able to reach out, identify individuals with mental health issues and provide early intervention including suicide.


POLHN has a free-to-take online course on the MHGap. Click here to learn more.