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New e-Learning Courses coming

New e-Learning Courses comingIn 2003, WHO and Pacific ministries of health established an e-learning platform, the Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN) to address the continuing professional development needs of health workers in the Pacific. The platform now links around 20 000 health workers from 15 Pacific island countries and areas to thousands of free courses through its partners and 45 learning centres.

Due to the wide range of topics and flexible delivery options, an increasing number of health workers have signed up for POLHN’s self-paced courses in recent years.  The team of POLHN country focal points provides constant motivation to independent learners.POLHN partners with academic institutions and course providers to build institutional capacity and provide greater access to flexible learning for health workers across the Pacific.


POLHN sponsors about 100 health workers each year for postgraduate online programmes from FNU. In time this effort will increase the number of health managers with post¬graduate qualifications across the Pacific. In 2015, the number of instructor-led

course sponsorship doubled in northern Pacific countries. With changing work environments and increased expectations among consumers for quality care, health workers must constantly refresh their skills. In six Pacific island countries, POLHN self-paced course certificates are accepted as credits towards renewal of annual certificates of practice.

All POLHN partner countries have indicated their support for an extension of POLHN collaboration. POLHN is also continuously developing new courses and ensuring access to learning opportunities for Pacific health workers.

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