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Kiribati: Health and Education

Kiribati: Health and Education

In Kiribati

Kiribati has three main hospitals: Tangaru National Hospital, Kiritimati Hospital, Betio Hospital and Southern Kiribati Hospital. For contact details and inquiries, click here.Post-secondary education in Kiribati centres around the University of the South Pacific (USP), which has a campus in Tarawa for distance learning. The latter is usually undertaken on a flexible schedule, and involves live streaming of lectures.The other main post-secondary institutions located in Kiribati are the Kiribati Teachers College and the Kiribati Institute of Technology.


Continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities

Due to its isolation, online and distance CPD tend to be the best options for i-Kiribati. POLHN in particular offers a wide variety of courses targeted at health workers in the Pacific. As a partner of USP, which has a campus in Kiribati, POLHN is an ideal learning tool for i-Kiribati. Internet and CDs are available for learning, and there are also two POLHN learning centres in Kiribati: at Tungaru National Hospital and at Kiritimati Hospital. For further information, contact Ms Terere Takai (email here). Another option for further education is to study abroad through scholarships. Each year, around 30 i-Kiribati undertake tertiary study in Australia through a scheme known as the Australia Awards. These give i-Kiribati students scholarships that financial support various aspects of living and studying in Australia. In order to apply and for further information, visit the Australia Awards website. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade can also be contacted for further information (email here). 

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