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Good to Know

All courses are free and self-paced.

POLHN, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), offers health-related courses for free, to all registered users. To enrol in the courses, you do not need to provide any billing information.

The courses are self-paced, meaning they do not need to be completed within a stipulated timeframe. You can complete the course as per your ease and convenience.

The certificate does not require a fee.

As the courses are free, the respective certificates which are to be awarded after all course modules and activities are also free. You do not need to enter any billing information into POLHN at any point in your learning journey.

Courses are only available online.

POLHN courses and their various modules are not downloadable and are only available on the website. You will need a computer or a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet PC, with a steady internet connection to study on POLHN.

All conditions must be met for the certificate to be awarded.

To receive the certificate for the course that you have completed, you will need to fulfil the following conditions:

  • Complete your profile. You can do so by editing your profile here. [Add hyperlink for Edit Your Profile article] To save from inconvenience, we suggest completing your profile before beginning any course.
  • Complete all course requirements. Each course has several modules and some other mandatory activities that need to be completed for the certificate to be awarded.
Once you have completed your profile and/or fulfilled all course requirements, you will be able to download your certificate from the respective course page.

Opt for a Verified Certificate

After you have completed your course and have been awarded a certificate, you may choose to verify the certificate through POLHN. To go to the verification page:

  • Click on “Course Verification” in the top bar of your Dashboard.
You will be redirected to the POLHN Certificate Verification page. Follow these simple steps to verify your certificate(s):
  • Enter your surname.
  • Choose the certificate you want to verify from the list of your certificates.
  • Save/Download the certificate and share as needed.