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Nurses need 20 CPD points to qualify for the renewal of their practising licence for the following year. These points can be obtained through workshops and continuing nursing education sessions. Each one hour session qualifies for 1 point. The facilitator of these also qualifies for 2 points for every hour of presentation.

Nurses and health care professionals in Fiji can also get points from POLHN courses. The Fiji Nursing Council awards one point per certificate completed. To see what courses are on offer, visit the POLHN courses page.

For other health care professions, see below to find out more on registration and credit:

  • Health practitioners
    • Regulated by the Fiji Allied Health Practitioners Council
    • Decree available here
  • Medical imaging technologists
    • Registration through Fiji Society for Medical Imaging Technologists  (website here)
  • Medical lab scientists
    • Can register to become a member through the Fiji Institute of Medical Lab Scientists (FIMLS). More information on registration and licencing at the FIMLS website here.
    • For requirements regarding infection prevention and control, the POLHN course by the same name can be completed (click here)
    • Can receive credits for the POLHN-sponsored Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science from the Pacific Paramedical Training Centre (PPTC).
  • Food inspectors

In order to receive recognition for the completion of POLHN courses, health professionals should present a copy of their course certificate. This can be accessed and printed out upon completion of a course. For any questions on POLHN in Fiji, contact Ms Shivala Singh (email here).

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Federated States of Micronesia

FSM has national medical and nursing boards that coordinate the issuance and monitoring of medical and nursing licenses. Health care providers are encouraged to use POLHN self-paced courses for continuing education, and one hour of POLHN course equals one continuing education hour.

The exact licence renewal requirements for the different health professionals in FSM are as follows:

  • Doctors and dentists: minimum 50 hours for general practitioners and and minimum 70 hours for specialised practitioners (50 hours of general and 20 hours in speciality areas)
  • Registered nurses: minimum 30 hours
  • Advanced practice nurses: minimum 45 hours (30 hours general and 15 hours in the speciality areas)
  • Licenced practical nurses: minimum 20 hours
  • Other allied health care providers: minimum 35 hours.

Additionally, if a student completes the POLHN-sponsored program through the Pacific Paramedical Training Centre (PPTC), they are eligible to be registered as a medical laboratory technician through the FSM licencing board.

For more information on the POLHN-PPTC program, click here. To find out more about licencing in FSM, contact Semenson Ehpel (email here).


Healthcare staff in Palau can use their completion of POLHN courses and other CPD courses toward their licence renewal. Continuing medical education (CME) credits (also known as points) are necessary for this.

For online courses

Online courses from POLHN and other online providers can be used for CME credits. One hour of course amounts to one CME credit. To use this toward licence renewal, a copy of the course certificate or a transcript of the courses taken and should be attached to the completed licence application.

For training

In addition to these courses, staff can receive continuing education hours for any POLHN training that they complete. These occur at POLHN Learning Centres in a range of topics. To receive credit for this, a copy of the attendance sheet signed by the instructor should be used.

For more information on POLHN and getting credit in Palau, please contact Ms Sunshine Garcia (email here).


Allied health workers

Registration for all allied health workers is now compulsory in Samoa’s health sector. CPD is required for this, and POLHN can be used. To receive credit for a self-paced POLHN course, a confirmation letter from the POLHN coordinator is required. This can be obtained by contacting Samoan focal point Vaelei Apulu Ioasa (email here).

Nurses and other health professionals

Nurses, doctors and midwives are required to renew their practising certificate every year. Currently, POLHN self-paced courses are not recognised for this. However, these professionals can still undertake educational self-paced POLHN programs at one of the learning centres in Samoa. They can also receive recognition for POLHN-sponsored courses through Fiji National University.

For more information on POLHN and getting credit in Samoa, contact Ms Vaelei Apelu Ioasa (email here).

Other opportunities

In addition to credit for licence renewal, POLHN also sponsors postgraduate study at Fiji National University, the Pacific Paramedical Training Centre, and Penn Foster Dental School. For more information, visit our page on POLHN sponsorship.

If you have any questions about getting credit in your country, please contact your local POLHN representative.