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Mohammed Aruf Yasin

Mohammed Aruf Yasin
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About: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

Program Manager – Pacific Open Learning Health Net

Mr Yasin joined World Health Organization following a variety of roles including Health Education Officer, Health Promotional Officer and Registered Staff Nurse in November 2012.

Yasin is a highly motivated Clinician with extensive experience in solution designing for Human Resources for Health, Workforce Development and Change Management and has proven expertise in driving results through the development of innovative initiatives to deliver regional wide outcomes, transforming workplaces and improving health service delivery.

He is passionate about improving the quality of care across the health system through workforce competency enhancement and people engagement with evidence, information and insights. He has designed, developed and delivered end-to-end learning and development projects and a number of a Change Management service standard advancing in niche products, new technologies and services for Pacific Ministries of Health.

He has Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of International Relations and Diplomacy, Bachelor of Nursing and currently in his last year of Bachelor of Law.

His diverse educational background facilitates multidimensional and innovative ability to think outside the box. His goal is to facilitate and enable agile, responsive and sustainable strategies to meet the demands and the changing landscape of contemporary health service.

His work has been recognized as Good Practices in South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Sustainable Development. He recently received a wider recognition for his consistent contribution to nursing standards development in the region.