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Belinda Pene

Belinda Pene
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About: Belinda Pene

Belinda Pene is the POLHN focal point for Nadi Hospital in Fiji. She has served as a nurse since 2002, and is currently the Acting Sister of the Women's and Children's Ward at Nadi Hospital.In 2001, Belinda obtained a Diploma in Nursing from the Fiji School of Nursing in Tamavua. She has also obtained a number of postgraduate qualifications from the University of Fiji: a Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing Management and Professional Standards (2016); a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Systems Research (2016); and a Master of Nursing (2017).In 2017, Belinda also obtained her certificate for participating in the POLHN Roadshow, a highly successful event that promoted POLHN across Fiji.