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Health and Education

Health and Education

Opportunities in FSM

The main option for post-secondary education in Micronesia is the College of Micronesia-FSM. Its national campus is located in Palikir in Pohnpei, however it also has a campus in each state. It also encompasses the FSM Fisheries and Maritime Institute in Yap. Courses are offered in subjects such as natural sciences, ethics and business administration.

Currently, there is a public hospital located in each of the FSM’s four states.


Continued professional development (CPD) opportunities

Due to its isolation and wide spread, distance learning is the best option for CPD in Micronesia. One such platform is POLHN, which has a variety of opportunities in the form of self-paced courses as well as sponsored degrees from institutions such as the University of the South Pacific and Fiji National University. Courses are targeted specifically at Pacific Island countries, offering relevant knowledge in areas such as mental health, diabetes, and salt reduction.

If students do not have access to the internet, courses can also be undertaken using a CD or at a POLHN learning centre. These are fitted out with desks, computers and printers specifically for health professionals undertaking CPD. In FSM, there currently exist four POLHN learning centres, one in each of the main hospitals in each state. For more information on POLHN in FSM, contact a focal point:


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