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About POLHN Continuing Professional Development

POLHN CPDs are freely and openly available on the Web. Users can share and adapt the materials under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Why is POLHN allowing free access?

POLHN sees CPD as an important component for achieving the Universal Health Coverage. POLHN since 2003 has been working with Pacific Island Ministries of Health to develop a knowledgeable, skilled and motivated health workforce using relevant, effective and quality e-learning. This encompasses building and sustaining the capacity of institutions to provide appropriate and accredited curricula through collaborative partnerships with health professionals, service providers, professional bodies, healthcare organizations, education and research entities.

How does POLHN CPD differ from POLHN partner courses?

POLHN partners’develop and host CPD courses on their sites. POLHN assess the credibility and provides links to those courses for the ease of users. POLHN partnered university courses require a course fee and involves the active exchange of information between the university and enrolled students, assessment and verification of learning outcomes. Furthermore, academic credits are awarded for successful completion of university courses. To explore sponsorship, visit Applying for Sponsorship.

POLHN CPDs are short interactive courses developed from authentic and well-researched material for the purpose of refreshing skills and knowledge. POLHN courses do not grant any academic credits or degrees to its users. Please visit the course page to explore your options.

When do CPD courses start?

You can review the course information on the website at your own pace, free of charge. There are no set schedules for CPDs. If you are interested in taking a partner facilitated course, please visit course page to explore your options.

Will POLHN CPD always be free and openly available to anyone?

POLHN is committed to Pacific health workforce development; hence it makes CPDs freely and openly available on the internet. As we progressively evolve, we are committed to keeping our CPDs free and open to all.

How do I register to use POLHN CPD course?

Since POLHN does not have a scheduled CPD enrollment calendar, you may visit the individual course page to register for the course.

Where are the course materials?

Visit the CPD course page to browse or search for active courses. Within an individual course, at the right-hand navigation bar of each course there will details about the course.You may also request more information by filling the form available in the course information page.

Can I adopt POLHN CPD courses?

POLHN CPD platform is a collection of the courses developed by POLHN. The course materials maybe have been adopted from a third party source under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. See course information for copyrights. Health workers are encouraged to use the courses for personal enrichment and renewal of practice license. The contents may be edited to combine with other materials to suit the needs of the individual or organization under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Does POLHN sell course materials?

POLHN does not sell courses or represent any vendor who sells the online courses.

Does POLHN approve or recognize individuals, organization or institutionsor organizations?

Yes, POLHN has relationships with Pacific countries, institutions, organizations, universities and other health partners. POLHN provide links of the approved, endorsed and certified partners by sharing its course on POLHN websites.

How can I offer credit to POLHN when adopting POLHN developed course?

In accordance with the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, you must give credit to the World Health Organization, POLHN and the authors of the course materials anytime you use POLHN materials. However, POLHN prohibits the use of POLHN logos without prior approval from POLHN. See Terms of Use.

Who owns the intellectual property published on the POLHN website?

POLHN and its partners own the materials published on POLHN. The Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license grants limited rights to the CPD materials, but it does not transfer copyright to visitors.

Prior to making any courses publicly available, POLHN team extensively reviews all course content to determine the correct ownership of the materials and obtains appropriate licenses to make the materials openly available on the Web. We will promptly remove any material that is determined to be infringing on the rights of others. If you believe that any portion of the POLHN materials infringes on another’s copyright, please contact

What are the requirements of POLHN users?

The purpose of POLHN is to make course freely and openly available to health workers for educational purposes. POLHN grants the right to anyone to use the materials, either “as is,” or in a modified form. There is no restriction on how a user can modify the materials for the user’s purpose. However, there are three requirements that a POLHN user must meet to use the materials:


Use of POLHN materials is open to all except for profit-making entities who charge a fee for access to educational materials.


Any and all use or reuse of the material, including the use of derivative works (new materials that incorporate or draw on the original materials), must be attributed to POLHN and apostrophe , if an authors name is associated with the material, to that person as well.

Share alike

Any publication or distribution of original or derivative works, including the production of electronic or printed Web site materials or placement of materials on a website, must offer the works freely and openly to others under the same terms that POLHN first made the works available to the user.

How does POLHN define non-commercial use?

A commercial use involves charging a direct or indirect fee for use of the POLHN courses, or any derived or modified version of POLHN courses, or any other commercial exploitation of POLHN developed courses. All use, reuse and distribution of POLHN course, including works derived from POLHN course, must be attributed to POLHN and to the original authors where identified on the POLHNcourse page you choose to distribute. If you would like to use POLHN CPD content, but you are unsure whether your intended use qualifies as non-commercial use, please contact for clarification.

How do I properly cite my reuse of POLHN materials?

If you choose to reuse or repost POLHN courses, you must give proper attribution to POLHN and its author(s). Please use the following citation format: [Author Name], [Course Title]. POLHN Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

Are POLHN course authors required to participate in POLHN?

No. Participation of course authors in POLHN courses are voluntary.

How do I contact an author of the POLHN course?

POLHN is an interactive course platform and provides a direct link to the course authors, contributors, and students in the same course, universities and ministries of health.

What information does POLHN collect from visitors to the website?

The information we learn from visitors helps us improve the POLHN site, and assists us in evaluating the usage, access and impact of POLHN on Pacific and worldwide educational community. POLHN collects the following information from visitors:

Information you provide

We receive and store any information you enter on our website or give us in any other way. You provide such information when you contact us by email, fill out a form that includes your contact information, or agree to participate in a visitor survey. If you voluntarily provide your email address or other contact information, we will not share personal information with anyone without first requesting your explicit permission to do so.

Information that is automatically gathered

We receive and store certain types of information whenever you interact with the POLHN website. Like many websites, we make use of “cookies,” which allow us to automatically obtain certain types of information when your Web browser accesses Examples of the information we collect and analyze include the address used to connect your computer to the POLHN site; computer and connection information such as browser type and version, operating system and platform; and content you viewed or searched for during your visit to POLHN. Collecting this information allows us to track your use of the site anonymously and to analyze patterns of site use such as repeat visits, length of visits and breadth of content used, for example. None of this information is personally identifiable or linked back to you as an individual.

How do I apply for sponsored courses offered by POLHN as a student?

Those interested in applying for sponsored courses are encouraged to visit this page.