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POLHN’s New Digital Certificate Verification Platform


Over the last decade, the accessibility to cheap and reliable internet has bridged data transmission gaps. Since everyone is equally able to acquire the same information through the internet, it has become necessary for companies, organisations, institutions and universities to safeguard their users and maintain their authenticity.

The rapid increase in the desire to seek advanced information has created several unprecedented loop-holes in the validation of information. For instance, it was recently reported in the Wall Street Journal that approximately 34% of all application forms received by recruiters contain misrepresentations about the applicants' experience, education, and ability to perform essential job functions. In recent years, the overwhelming circulation of hoax credentials has become one of the main areas of concern in today’s academically driven society. While academic departments are the custodians of student-related information within institutions, many have attempted to duplicate the information to create fake identification for themselves.

Electronic verification systems

While most traditional universities and institutions still follow the paper verification method to validate the authenticity of certificates, online education providers have recently started investing in the development of electronic certificate verification systems. These provide a verified certificate that gives an additional layer of security and reduces the risk of data manipulation. Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN) is the first and only e-learning provider in the Pacific to provide 100% fee-free courses on various health topics. POLHN is highly reputed for its work inside Pacific and outside the Pacific. Several ministries of health and licensure boards accept POLHN certificates as evidence for continuing professional development.   In order to uphold its reputation and status, POLHN has introduced a safety-net certificate verification system. This latest feature will allow students, employers, and regulators to validate POLHN certificates themselves. This additional feature, which most websites provide at an additional cost, is being provided for free by POLHN. Users of this verification platform will be able to search for students who have completed the course using their surname. They will also be able to see the list of courses completed by the students.

This automation of the validation process replaces the previous exhausting manual certificate verification mechanism. The process that used to take several days can now be completed within minutes. With the introduction of paper-free centralised data verification process, the chances of certificate forgery have been significantly reduced. All POLHN courses and certificates are free-of-charge. Get Started & Browse Courses