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Online Nursing Courses – A Valuable Tool for Career Progression

Importance of Free Online Nursing Courses | POLHN

Nurses are an important part of the healthcare ecosystem. Being a nurse means having a meaningful career with many opportunities, challenges and rewards. Nurses work towards:

  • Promotion of health
  • Prevention of disease
  • Implementation of treatment plans

Nursing is a career that helps to make a difference in someone’s quality of life, bring happiness to families, and comfort those in need. Nurses support other healthcare professionals to perform medical examinations and administration of medications. As they say, “Physicians cure and nurses care.” The nursing staff is an imperative part of the healthcare industry, whose presence is essential to good patient care.

Nurses work in an evolving environment. They need to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and treatment guidelines to provide the best care for their patients. The need to keep abreast with the latest developments in medication and patient care. Research has shown that it is imperative that the nursing staff has a diverse mix of skills to improve quality of patient care. This mix of skills can only come from educating and training nursing staff in different areas. The focus should be on enhancing particular skill sets based on the spatial requirements and the needs of the hour.

To train nurses to enhance their skillset, the nurses themselves are required to make time for learning. With a busy schedule, it is difficult for them to get a formal education to keep pace with the latest trends and technologies of their profession. POLHN’s free online public health courses with certificates are the perfect resource for nurses with busy schedules. Online training is one of the best ways of staying ahead of the game.

Making the Most of Online Learning

Online learning is not limited by location. It is available globally, as long as you have a strong internet connection. It is a popular alternative for those with a busy schedule but a desire to broaden their perspective through education. People are getting busier, but technology is ever-evolving. Hence, online learning is becoming a smart option when it comes to individual and professional development. Generally, online training courses come in two varieties; paid and free online nursing courses. A course may consist of a series of modules about a particular topic. The module may contain:

  • Easy-to-understand presentations
  • PDFs or MS-Word documents
  • Video tutorials
  • Final assessments

These components help candidates learn faster and with ease. Certificates awarded on completion to candidates provide a boost for professional progress. Various institutions recognise and value these certificates.

Benefits of Free Online Nursing Courses

Online training and courses afford people several benefits, the greatest of which is convenience. Learning online works best for people with hectic schedules who would like to learn on the go. It is for people whose routine can't cope with a conventional classroom learning experience. Besides convenience, online training courses also offer:

  • Flexibility: Online courses allow students to plan study time around their schedule and take breaks as needed. Moreover, it allows students to study from within their comfort zone.
  • Mobility: E-Learning is now in your pockets! Online courses can be accessed through any device with an internet connection.
  • Community: People with similar learning goals can join forums to exchange queries and concepts. Forums are also a great source of mutual support.
  • Assessment: Online assessments are a stress-free way to test your understanding of course modules. They can also be retaken and reconsidered if a candidate is not satisfied with the scores.
  • Information Retention: Online courses include interactive modules. These modules help in better retention of information.

POLHN – An Effective Online Training Resource

Developed by the World Health Organization (WHO), POLHN provides free online learning opportunities to healthcare professionals in the Pacific. It strives to make continuing professional education accessible through relevant, effective and quality e-learning.

POLHN develops its courses with academic institutions and technical experts. All POLHN courses are recognised by Pacific Ministries of Health. Each course completed also offers CPD points to the certificate holder.

POLHN’s free online health courses with certificates of completion are available on a range of topics. From HIV/AIDS to Nutrition, the course list offers a vast array of options for all types of healthcare professionals. POLHN’s CPD courses for nurses allow them to stay abreast with the latest trends in healthcare and stay up to date with the latest technologies. Each course contains various modules and assessments. On completion, POLHN awards the candidate a verified certificate.

To view all the courses offered by POLHN and to begin your online learning journey, visit: