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Author Devina Gaundan Category: Dated:July 24th, 2018

Being a Nurse, Wife and Mother

Sister Devina Gaundan is a Nurse Unit Manager in the Female Medical Ward/Coronary Care Unit at Labasa Hospital. Thanks to POLHN, she will be graduating with a Master in Health Service Management this year. POLHN is a platform that enables students to explore the world of online learning. To read more about online learning through POLHN, click here.

Devina recently shared some of her thoughts with POLHN in her first blog piece. See below to read her thoughts. 


My journey with Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN) began with self-paced courses back in 2012. After doing a few courses, I realised that it was very convenient as I did not need to attend classes and could study in my own time. By dedicating my spare time to online learning, I was gaining knowledge and at the same time obtaining certificates to validate my achievements.

In 2014, I applied for sponsorship to study at Fiji National University. Through POLHN’s support, I managed to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Service Management (HSM) in 2016. My passion for online learning has grown over time and I managed to complete my master in HSM this year.

With family and work commitments, I knew an online format was my only option. The POLHN programme was perfect and gave me the opportunity to make this personal and professional development. The courses were straightforward and manageable, and the tuition was covered by POLHN.

In the past year, I have ventured into research and found it to be fascinating. I have also managed to publish 3 of my articles through Research Gate which has given me more exposure into this field. POLHN has opened many doors for me and I encourage all students to grab this opportunity.

Today, I can proudly say that POLHN experience has empowered me to pursue my dream of further education. See what POLHN can do for you!


Like Devina, you can also access a free online course with a certificate of completion from POLHN. To learn more, click here


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