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Author Jane Upson Category: Dated: March 22, 2019

6 Pieces Of Tech That Can Help With Mobility 

It’s estimated that 17% of people in the Pacific have some sort of disability, which is around 1.7 million people. Many of these disabilities will affect the person’s mobility, whether it’s that they need a wheelchair to move around or they’re blind 

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Author Jane Upson Category: Dated: March 22, 2019
Dated: March 17, 2019 Author: Dr Julienne O'Rourke

The Rise of Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) should be a thing of the past, something only our elders feared and died of. However, TB is still one of the top ten causes of death worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about a third 

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Dated: February 21, 2019 Author: Margaret Goydych

Smoking and Cardiovascular Disease in the Pacific Island Countries

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are a significant and common health problem in most Pacific island countries and worldwide. CVDs are the number one cause of death in the world. In the Western Pacific region, there is a 16.2% chance of dying of 

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Dated: February 13, 2019 Author: Dr Julienne O'Rourke

How can education help us achieve Universal Health Coverage?

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is a state where citizens can access health care services without incurring financial hardship. This means that all people and communities have access to quality promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services that they need. 

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Dated: February 3, 2019 Author: Dr Julienne O'Rourke

“I am and I will” – Taking Personal Action against Cancer | World Cancer Day

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, with 9.6 million people dying from the disease each year (Bray et. al., 2018). Monday 4th February is World Cancer Day when individuals and organisations unite to significantly reduce illness and 

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Dated: December 2, 2018 Author: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

A Tribute to Our Nurses

As I prepare to pen this article, I am reminded of Hippocrates’ saying. He believed that the goal of medicine is “to cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always.” For me, learned exactly this through daily example from the 

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Dated: November 30, 2018 Author: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

Delivering Quality Care Depends on Health Worker’s Knowledge, Skills and Attitude

A workforce that delivers quality care is the key objective for any health organisation, however obtaining the right ingredients for the perfect system has always been one of the key challenges. The term “quality” is also very subjective as every 

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Dated: November 30, 2018 Author: Jeffrey Mendoza

Antimicrobial Stewardship Program: From the Philippines to Saudi Arabia

Jeffrey Mendoza is a Filipino expatriate now based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He recently completed the POLHN self-paced course, Antimicrobial Stewardship Programmes in Hospitals. As the final assignment for this course, Jeffy shared an exemplary piece about his experience what 

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Dated: November 15, 2018 Author: Fazleen Nisha

Get Better Results in Life Through Physical Activity

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines physical activity as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure. Physical activity is often mistaken with exercise. Exercise is a subcategory of physical activity that is planned, structured, repetitive, and 

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Dated: October 3, 2018 Author: POLHN editorial team

Betel nut use in the Pacific

Betel nut is the fourth most commonly used psychoactive substance in the world after tobacco, alcohol and caffeine. Its main active psychoactive component, called arecoline, is thought to cause adverse health effects. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) 

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Dated: September 21, 2018 Author: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

POLHN’s New Digital Certificate Verification Platform

Over the last decade, the accessibility to cheap and reliable internet has bridged data transmission gaps. Since everyone is equally able to acquire the same information through the internet, it has become necessary for companies, organisations, institutions and universities to 

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Dated: September 18, 2018 Author: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

Upskilling health workers for the future

Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN) is continuously adapting to prepare the Pacific health professionals by upskilling health workers for the future. It works against the rapid and drastic changes in the fields of non-communicable diseases, communicable diseases, and climate 

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Dated: September 4, 2018 Author: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

Making free continuing education more accessible

Educational institutions are now making more and more health courses available for free online. By providing free online nursing courses with certificates of completion, remote health workers benefit, and institutions fulfil their corporate social responsibility. Free continuing education is the 

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Dated: August 30, 2018 Author: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

Online opportunities for continuing nursing education

The nursing profession is the largest single health profession in Fiji. The Ministry of Health understands how important nurses are and each year allocates tens of thousands of dollars to provide continuing nursing education. Although it is a costly investment, 

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Dated: August 21, 2018 Author: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

Free online courses now available for nurses

The Pacific Open Learning Health Net in partnership with the Ministry of Health has established 24 internet connected e-learning centres within all the sub-divisional and divisional hospitals in the country where nurses can access free online courses which will help 

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Dated: August 21, 2018 Author: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

POLHN’s free online courses improve education opportunities for Pacific health workers

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has put extensive efforts into providing free e-learning courses over the past 14 years through Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN). This strives to bridge the gaps between geographically dispersed health workers and address their 

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Dated: July 24, 2018 Author: Devina Gaundan

Being a Nurse, Wife and Mother

Sister Devina Gaundan is a Nurse Unit Manager in the Female Medical Ward/Coronary Care Unit at Labasa Hospital. Thanks to POLHN, she will be graduating with a Master in Health Service Management this year. POLHN is a platform that enables 

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Dated: July 24, 2018 Author: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

6 Seconds to Get the Nursing Job

The idea is to catch the recruiter’s attention in the first 6 seconds. Studies have shown that it takes 6 seconds to decide if the applicant is the best-fit for a role. To make an impression it is important to 

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Dated: July 10, 2018 Author: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

Is online education the missing key to a diverse health workforce?

New online healthcare courses are helping professionals in the Pacific to develop their skills and create a more diverse workforce. Pacific Island countries are facing a serious skills gap. The global shortage of trained healthcare professionals is estimated to reach 

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Dated: July 5, 2018 Author: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

One Person Dies Every 40 Seconds Due to Suicide

Every 40 seconds someone dies due to suicide and many more attempt suicide. Close to 800,000 people die every year due to suicide. Anyone anywhere can become its victim. World Health Organisation World Suicide Report calls upon individuals, communities and countries to 

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Dated: July 4, 2018 Author: Fazleen Nisha

Improving Online Learning Experience for CWM Hospital Nurses

The need for nurses to be knowledgeable, highly trained and well-educated is becoming essential. Today, nurses are required to make complex clinical decisions, that 25 years ago would almost undoubtedly have been made by doctors. The nursing scope is governed 

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Dated: June 30, 2018 Author: Rina Kumar

Tuberculosis in the Pacific Island Countries

On a global scale, the burden of TB in the Pacific is relatively small, but in some Pacific Island Countries, for example, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, and Solomon Islands, their individual case notification rates are higher than the average notification rate 

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Dated: June 2, 2018 Author: POLHN editorial team

Fight Infections and Spread the Word With our Infection Control Course for Nurses

Infections are diseases caused by infectious agents (known collectively as pathogens) such as viruses, bacteria or fungi. Colds and flus are familiar infections that all of you have experienced at some point in your lives. New infections begin when pathogens 

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Dated: May 8, 2018 Author: Fazleen Nisha

Memories from the Old Capital

For my second quarter, I went to Levuka – widely known as the Old Capital of Fiji – for my duty travel.   It was the best decision I have ever made as there is no denying Levuka’s visual appeal. It’s 

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Dated: May 4, 2018 Author: Fazleen Nisha

World Immunization Week Celebrated at Nuffield Health Centre

Nuffield health centre celebrated World Immunization Week in Tamavua on Thursday 26 th April. It is celebrated in the last week of April. According to WHO, this year’s theme — ‘Protected Together, #VaccinesWork’ encourages people to put in more efforts to increase 

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Dated: April 16, 2018 Author: Fazleen Nisha

The Life of Zone Nurses

Public health nurses, also known as zone nurses, focus on developing better community based health practices. They do this by focusing on schools and villages in their local area that are underserved and that have vulnerable populations. Among these populations 

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Dated: April 6, 2018 Author: Fazleen Nisha

Vilimaina’s CPD Journey

Vilimaina is a Fijian nurse with various CPD experiences, including a post in Iraq with the Royal Fiji Military Forces, and different educational programs around Fiji. Below is a first-hand account of her journey.   I was born and brought 

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Dated: March 17, 2018 Author: POLHN editorial team

Continuing Nursing Education: Breaking the Barriers

The nursing pledge to maintain and elevate professional standards is reflected through the commitment of health workers towards lifetime learning. This dedication to continuing professional development guarantees advanced and contemporary patient care. However, access to affordable continuing nursing education remains 

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Dated: December 28, 2017 Author: POLHN editorial team

Transforming and scaling up health professionals’ education

POLHN continuing professional development (CPD) courses focus on lessons learnt, best practices, and evidence-based practice. In this way, they are designed to boost knowledge, skills, attitudes and performance of health workers. Courses are designed to improve the overall health care 

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Dated: September 29, 2017 Author: POLHN editorial team

The Importance of Choosing the Right CPD

Medical education is rapidly changing due to evolving medical science. In particular, societal expectations and the increased disease burden are affecting this. Contemporary healthcare therefore now demands that doctors and nurses continuously improve their competencies in order to achieve an 

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Dated: July 12, 2017 Author: Margaret Goydych

Dealing with Zika

The new POLHN course, “The care and support of people affected by complications associated with the Zika virus”, will be available soon. Read below to find out more about Zika.  Since 2007, 19 countries and areas in the Western Pacific 

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Dated: June 7, 2017 Author: Margaret Goydych

Domestic violence in the Pacific: what can be done

The Pacific has some of the world’s highest rates of domestic violence. In Fiji, 66% of women experience emotional, physical or domestic violence in their lifetime. This is more than twice the global average. In Solomon Islands, one in two 

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Dated: May 31, 2017 Author: Margaret Goydych

Tobacco Free Pacific: A goal to make every day World No Tobacco Day

31 May is World No Tobacco Day, which aims to raise awareness about the negative health effects of tobacco and tobacco use, which lead to more than 7 million deaths worldwide, including 600,000 from second-hand smoke.   Two people die 

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Dated: July 26, 2016 Author: POLHN editorial team

Dedicated e-learning Platform

How Pacific island countries combined forces to create an e-learning platform that builds the skills of doctors and nurses and improves health care Challenge Small  island  developing  States  in  the  Pacific  and  their  remote  island  communities  are  often  enable  to  

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