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The key duties and responsibilities of POLHN focal points are to:

  • Manage the learning centre;
  • Market CPD courses and advocate lifelong learning;
  • Provide support to POLHN country coordinators with:
    • developing and implementing advocacy campaigns; and
    • the distribution of CPD-related information to health
  • Provide assistance to students with:
    • applications for courses; and
    • resolution of issues related to POLHN.
  • Assist with monitoring the use of learning centres by:
    • reviewing the status of software and antivirus; and
    • monitoring the use of learning centre equipment.

What sort of qualities do you need?

Approachable and supportive

Helpful and a keen learner

Computer literate

Self-motivated and enthusiastic

What are the requirements to become a focal point?

To be eligible to become a POLHN focal point, applicants must:

Be a permanent or full-time employee of a Pacific island country Ministry of Health

Be able to commit to health worker development

How to apply

Interested individuals should submit their CV and a cover letter to the following address: