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Pacific NCDs and Health Through the Life course

World Health Organisation | Division of Pacific Technical Support | Suva, Fiji

About The Team

POLHN has dedicated public health professionals in its DPS research team who have decade long experiences in Health Security and Emergencies, NCDs and Health Through the Life course, and Health Systems. The team coordinates and implements WHO core functions, project and programs in the Pacific island countries (PICs). The research team focuses on planning and developing new continuing education avenues for the Public Health professionals and workers in the PICs.
Author Courses

Best Practices for Food Establishment Inspectors

Coming soon 2 hours

Future dates of enrollment to be announced-------------------------------------------------------Thi

Obesity and Overweight

Ongoing 30 minutes

Gain the knowledge to help reduce obesity and promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy society. In

Nutrition - An Introduction

Ongoing 30 minutes

Malnutrition, is a major contributing factor towards increased morbidity and mortality worldwide. It

Healthy Islands

Ongoing 30 minutes

This course is inspired by the WHO Healthy Islands Recognition Programme, started in 2011. It focuse

Case Management of Childhood Illness

Ongoing 45 minutes

Millions of parents seek healthcare facilities for their children every day, at hospitals, basic hea

Preparing Data for Impact Analysis

Ongoing 40 minutes

Impact evaluation, which measures the extent to which a program's goals and objectives were attained

Data Visualization - An Introduction

Coming soon 40 minutes

Global health professionals are tasked with communicating data to decision makers in efficient ways.

Areca Nut and Betel Quid (Basic)

Ongoing 30 minutes

Areca nut and betel quid chewing are dangerous behaviours that are prevalent in many parts of the As

Salt Reduction

Ongoing 4 weeks

This online sodium management course gives students the knowledge and strategies to promote salt red

Infant and Young Child Feeding

Ongoing 5 weeks

Gain the knowledge to track and recommend different infant feeding approaches. In this self-paced p

Mental Health Gap Action Programme

Ongoing 12 weeks

Learn the essentials of the Mental Health Gap programme, which aims to scale up care for mental, neu

Physical Activity

Ongoing 30 minutes

In this POLHN self-paced program, you will learn what is physical activity and how it helps in impro

Areca Nut and Betel Quid (Advanced)

Ongoing 45 minutes

Two major concerns of areca nut and betel quid chewing include that it causes oral cancer and that u

Cardiovascular Therapeutic Guidelines

Ongoing 1.5 hours

This course provides a gentle introduction to the CVD and risk factors involve and their assessment.

Treatment Guidelines for Mental Illness-Related Disorders

Ongoing 3 hours

The course is based on the guidelines (developed by the National Drugs and Therapeutics Committee (N

Diabetes Management Guidelines

Ongoing 1.5 hours

The course has been designed keeping in view the Diabetes Management Guidelines (3rd edition, 2012),