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Pacific Health Systems

World Health Organization | Division of Pacific Technical Support | Suva, Fiji

About The Team

POLHN has dedicated public health professionals in its DPS research team who have decade long experiences in Health Security and Emergencies, NCDs and Health Through the Life course, and Health Systems. The team coordinates and implements WHO core functions, project and programs in the Pacific island countries (PICs). The research team focuses on planning and developing new continuing education avenues for the Public Health professionals and workers in the PICs.
Author Courses

Improving Health Care Quality

Ongoing 30 minutes

A range of different approaches have been applied to health care for the purpose of improving health

Health Information System

Ongoing 40 minutes

Learn the essentials to be able to understand, analyse and build upon health data.Gain the knowledg

Cause of Death

Ongoing 40 minutes

Gain the knowledge to correctly diagnose underlying cause of death.In this POLHN self-paced pro

Emergency Drug Guidelines

Ongoing 30 mins

This course has been designed keeping in view the second edition of the Emergency Drug Guidelines {

Guidelines for Antibiotics Use

Ongoing 1.5 hours

The course is based upon the Antibiotic Drug Guidelines (3rd Edition, 2011), formulated by Fiji's Mi

Antimicrobial Stewardship Programmes in Hospitals

Ongoing 30 minutes

Learn the essentials to implement effective antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) programmes in hospitals.

Basic and Advanced Impact Analysis

Ongoing 45 minutes

Impact evaluation comes into play when assessing how successful a program has been in terms of its g

Introduction to Good Governance in the Management of Medicines

Ongoing 40 minutes

Poor governance leaves health systems vulnerable to corrupt practices and mismanagement. When these

Preparing Data for Impact Analysis

Ongoing 40 minutes

Impact evaluation, which measures the extent to which a program's goals and objectives were attained

Governance and Health

Ongoing 40 minutes

Governance is a structured process used by a group of people-usually referred to as a governing body

Key Practices of Good Governance

Coming soon 30 minutes

Good governance enables the effective use of medicines, information, human resources, and finances t

Data Visualization - An Introduction

Coming soon 40 minutes

Global health professionals are tasked with communicating data to decision makers in efficient ways.

Human Resources for Health (HRH) - Principles and Practices

Ongoing 15 minutes

Human resources for health are defined by WHO as "all people engaged in actions whose primary intent