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Pacific Health Security

World Health Organisation | Division of Pacific Technical Support | Suva, Fiji

About The Team

POLHN has dedicated public health professionals in its DPS research team who have decade long experiences in Health Security and Emergencies, NCDs and Health Through the Life course, and Health Systems. The team coordinates and implements WHO core functions, project and programs in the Pacific island countries (PICs). The research team focuses on planning and developing new continuing education avenues for the Public Health professionals and workers in the PICs.
Author Courses

Programmatic Approaches for AYSRH

Ongoing 45 minutes

Young people and adolescents are an inherently diverse group, with varying needs as per their age an

Family Planning and HIV Service Integration

Ongoing 40 minutes

This course will explain the benefits of integrating family planning (FP) into HIV services and prov

Immunisation Essentials

Ongoing 30 minutes

Immunisation is a proven strategy for the control and elimination of life-threatening infectious dis

Diarrheal Disease

Ongoing 30 minutes

A preventable and treatable disease, diarrhea remains the second leading cause of mortality, as well


Ongoing 30 minutes

Pneumonia is a major cause of death in children under 5 years of age worldwide, killing over 920,000

HIV Basic Biology, Epidemiology, and Prevention

Ongoing 30 minutes

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) targets immune systems, weakening defence mechanisms and maki

Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV

Ongoing 30 minutes

A range of different approaches have been applied to health care for the purpose of improving health

Essential Steps for Improving Newborn Survival

Ongoing 40 minutes

The newborn children are at their most vulnerable during the early days of their life. Globally, 85

Introduction to Impact Evaluation of Health Communication Programs

Ongoing 30 minutes

Impact evaluation, which measures the extent to which a program's goals and objectives were attained

Tuberculosis Essentials Training Course

Ongoing 2 hours

Tuberculosis in the Pacific is an ongoing public health concern. With the emergence of Multi-Drug -


Ongoing 30 minutes

Better understand HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis and equip yourself to provide health education in these

Childhood TB for Healthcare Workers

Ongoing 2 hours

The course is designed for healthcare workers at the secondary and primary level of the healthcare s