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Fazleen Nisha

Improving Online Learning Experience for CWM Hospital Nurses

The need for nurses to be knowledgeable, highly trained and well-educated is becoming essential. Today, nurses are required to make complex clinical decisions, that 25 years ago would almost undoubtedly have been made by doctors.The nursing scope is governed by the need driven by the contemporary population. This has increased the need for change in nursing education and continuing professional development to ensure that nurses and midwives are well equipped with knowledge and skills to make more complex decisions.

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Memories from the Old Capital

For my second quarter, I went to Levuka - widely known as the Old Capital of Fiji - for my duty travel.   It was the best decision I have ever made as there is no denying Levuka’s visual appeal. It’s one of the few places in the South Pacific that has retained its heritage sites and national heritage buildings although many were damaged by Cyclone Winston in 2016. Nevertheless, it is a super friendly place to be and everyone is very welcoming to visitors.  It didn’t feel like my first visit as in just two days I had nearly met the entire town.

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The Life of Zone Nurses

Public health nurses, also known as zone nurses, focus on developing better community based health practices. They do this by focusing on schools and villages in their local area that are underserved and that have vulnerable populations. Among these populations are elderly bedridden patients and primary school students who need vaccinations and other types of health care.

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Vilimaina's CPD Journey

Vilimaina is a Fijian nurse with various CPD experiences, including a post in Iraq with the Royal Fiji Military Forces, and different educational programs around Fiji. Below is a first-hand account of her journey.

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World Immunization Week Celebrated at Nuffield Health Centre

Nuffield health centre celebrated World Immunization Week in Tamavua on Thursday 26 th April. It is celebrated in the last week of April. According to WHO, this year’s theme — ‘Protected Together, #VaccinesWork’ encourages people to put in more efforts to increase immunization coverage for the greater good.

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