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Author Devina Gaundan Category: Dated: July 24, 2018

Being a Nurse, Wife and Mother

Sister Devina Gaundan is a Nurse Unit Manager in the Female Medical Ward/Coronary Care Unit at Labasa Hospital. Thanks to POLHN, she will be graduating with a Master in Health Service Management this year. POLHN is a platform that enables 

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Author: Devina Gaundan Category: Dated: July 24, 2018
Dated: July 24, 2018 Author: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

6 Seconds to Get the Nursing Job

The idea is to catch the recruiter’s attention in the first 6 seconds. Studies have shown that it takes 6 seconds to decide if the applicant is the best-fit for a role. To make an impression it is important to 

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Dated: July 10, 2018 Author: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

Is online education the missing key to a diverse health workforce?

New online healthcare courses are helping professionals in the Pacific to develop their skills and create a more diverse workforce. Pacific Island countries are facing a serious skills gap. The global shortage of trained healthcare professionals is estimated to reach 

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Dated: July 5, 2018 Author: Mohammed Aruf Yasin

One Person Dies Every 40 Seconds Due to Suicide

Every 40 seconds someone dies due to suicide and many more attempt suicide. Close to 800,000 people die every year due to suicide. Anyone anywhere can become its victim. World Health Organisation World Suicide Report calls upon individuals, communities and countries to 

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Dated: July 4, 2018 Author: Fazleen Nisha

Improving Online Learning Experience for CWM Hospital Nurses

The need for nurses to be knowledgeable, highly trained and well-educated is becoming essential. Today, nurses are required to make complex clinical decisions, that 25 years ago would almost undoubtedly have been made by doctors. The nursing scope is governed 

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