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Pacific Open Learning Health Net

POLHN is endorsed by Pacific Ministries of Health, Pacific Heads of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO)

Developed by WHO and Pacific Ministries of Health, POLHN provides free online learning opportunities to health workers in the Pacific. We strive to make continuing professional development freely accessible to all health workers using relevant, effective and quality e-learning.

Accredited and recognised

POLHN courses are developed with academic institutions and technical experts. These are officially recognised by Pacific Ministries of Health as meeting CPD requirements

All courses are free

Our courses are free-to-take for anybody; all it takes is a few clicks to sign up. For postgraduate programmes from other institutions, POLHN offers sponsorship so that students can take courses online without incurring any financial burden.

Courses to suit you

POLHN’s free online health courses with certificates of completion are available on a range of topics. From HIV/AIDS to best practices for food inspectors, there is something to suit every type of health professional.

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Success Stories

"Education never ends and it is very important for everyone to keep upgrading their knowledge and skills in this era.”
-Fazleen Nisha, POLHN country coordinator for Fiji

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